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Our team has been reviewing online casinos since 2001. Our founder, Benjamin Ogden, is an avid blackjack enthusiast who's passionate about casino gambling in both online and land based casinos, VR technology and bitcoin cryptocurrency. He is also the founder of other internet projects like the social blogging platform and the trademarked content sharing brand known for its "repost" trademark. Benjamin has also applied for online gambling patents and continues to work on innovative new gaming and technology patents and intellectual property. When asked what drives you Ogden says "My passion continues far beyond the technologies, I'm passionate about people and I love to help people. That's why I do what I do. Its exciting to live in the digital world of today where globally we are all connected in real time."

Meet the Team

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Benjamin Ogden

Founder & CEO

Visionary entrepreneur, tech enthusiast, blackjack gambler, risk taker, adrenaline junkie.

Devon Chappell


Sports Betting writer and online gambling contributor for over 10 years.

Mike Jones


Deep sea diver, golfer, hippie, stock market investor and all around great guy.

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